Thursday, September 26, 2013

Field Trip-Ag Museum

It's was such a beautiful morning & the perfect way to kick off the beginning of fall! The sun was out, the temperature was in the low 70s, & we were surrounded by our sweet homeschool friends! 
We kicked things off with a train ride to scope out the scene. The Agriculture Museum is like going back in time! All the old buildings & materials are so much fun to look at & make you even more happy you for modern conveniences!! If you're ever in MS I highly recommend checking it out, especially in October or November when they have the cotton gin & saw mill going! During that time they also have a blacksmith working & free, yummy biscuits with syrup! 

After walking around we stopped at the old General Store for a break complete with glass bottled cokes & roasted, salted pecans. They were incredibly delicious! The kiddos enjoyed playing checkers with the bottle caps on the porch...though I don't think they really knew what they were doing! 

The petting zoo ignited my boys desire for country living! Every animal we saw they asked if they could get one when we moved! Not sure how their daddy will feel about that! Ha! If you look at the cow in the pic in the top left you'll notice him nuzzling the horse. He was the only cow amongst about 4-5 horses & he kept kissing & licking them! He even tried to mount a pony! Thankfully the kids didn't notice so we didn't have to explain anything. Us moms, however, had a great laugh!

The kids were amazed that cars used to not have seat belts & that the back door opened the opposite way. One of our little  friends even asked where the DVD player was! :)

My boys' favorite part was the train room! There were a TON of motorized trains & models of small towns. They were mesmerized by it all! Brady begged for a room like that, but I had to explain that room was bigger than our house!! They were even more thrilled when they found a little Thomas train zooming back & forth!

Sweet Chapel just hung out in the carrier I was wearing & napped most of the time. She is such a good baby!!!

Below is a picture of my sweet Rylan & his BFF Thomas.

Somewhere I have a picture of myself in this same, giant rocking chair when I was about 12 or so.

We had such a fun time! I almost talked myself out of not going because I was super sleepy that morning & this was my first major outing with all four kiddos without my awesome Mr. Thankfully they were well behaved & our homeschool group is fabulous! We all look out for each others' kids like they all belong to us. 

Have a blessed day sweet readers!


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