Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

My cool lil dudes!

Super Slugger!!!!

Rylan doesn't like crawling on the grass, so he crawls on all fours!!

Having a blast on the swing set!

We planted a few things to see how things grow. Brady does a great job at watering them too. I bought Brady a lil magnify glass to go outside & hunt for bugs! He loves it LOL

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Preschool Activities | Education.com

Preschool Activities | Education.com

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As may have noticed or read...I will be home schooling my kiddos :) This was something I had NEVER planned to do, but around August/September I really felt the Lord leading me in this direction. I have always taught Brady :) reading, coloring, shapes, colors etc...like any parent who wants to teach their young child, but probably a bit more :) Brady is like a sponge and LOVES to learn and have anyone's attention and to show what he can do!

I really don't see it as this burden or hard thing to do...we have so much fun! Yesterday we practiced writing & tracing, identifying things as big, bigger, biggest, small smaller, smallest, long & short (you get the picture:) ) We also practiced a few sight words. Brady has been able to spell about 15 or so words for quite so time now...sometimes he forgets but quickly remembers with a lil help. HE taught himself the letter sounds from our LeapFrog magnet thing!

I just try new things and see where he takes it and what likes or doesnt...but we ALWAYS have fun! I love that he's a lil nerd like me! HAHAHA!!!! It certainly doesn't feel like work, it's more like play!

Today I bought these lil $1 plants from Target to plant with Brady. We have strawberries, tomatoes, a tree, & sunflowers. After we plant them in the lil container they came in, we will eventually have to put them int he ground...which SCARES me cause I have NEVER planted anything! So this will be a learning experience for us both! I'll post pics as soon as this project is finished or midway :)

Have a blessd day! OH......if you homeschool or teach...please feel free to point me to web sites you love and activites you think Brady and I will like! Thanks!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

EASTER Pics!!!

Keep on scrollin...got lots of GREAT & SUPER cute pics! :)

Hunting eggs @ Brandon Park

"Oh wow!!! An egg Mama!!!" Look how happy he was!!!

Rylan wasn't too sure about going down the slide.

But boy did he LOVE trying to go up it!!!!!

Brady with his best bud Caleb!

Who needs to hunt eggs??? Rylan had fun just watching all the kids running around!

Cheesin w/all his eggs he found!

C-dawg & Brady hacking into their candy!

Rylan had a blast playing w/the plastic eggs!

Brady w/some of his classmates @ their "Jesus is Alive!" Party

Rylan cracked me up in this swing!!!

beep beep!

Brady w/ some boys from his class waiting on the pizza!

Munchin on a Cheeto!

Easter Day! Aren't ya glad we serve a RISEN SAVIOR!!! Hallelujah Jesus is ALIVE!

I made baskets for the family. I try to use practical things I know they'll like and enjoy :)

Yes I know...my boys are SOOOOOO cute!

This is one handsome kiddo!

Rylan wanted to eat Gran's Easter basket pinata

Tball Brady & Messy Rylan!

Brady's 1st T-ball practice. Will get pics from games soon! :) They are SOOOOO funny to watch! I laugh so hard I cry!

Yep I'm a MEEESSSSSSSSYYYYYY eater! But I am so daggone cute!

Smilin so big as always!!! :)

Rylan LOVES to look out the window on the door even if you can't see clearly out of it.

Look closely at his diaper cocked to one side LOL not sure how he did that :)

Back view!!! One lil butt-cheek hangin out

He LOVES him some mashed potatoes!

Brad put his plastic file box on the floor & Rylan found it and DESTROYED it!!! He looks like he knows he did something wrong!

Peek -a - boo I see you!

Brady's 4th BDAY

Brady didn't get to have a train at his party because of bad weather. Luckily we were able to have his party @ Deep South Cheer in Pearl. Gotta love last minute changes LOL

He was SO excited to bring "puc-cakes" to his class!

Brady w/ his birthday crown he got at school!

We are still waiting for the pics some friends took for us @ the party. Brady had a blast! He got a lot of Thomas stuff...like he needed anymore LO
L!!! I cannot believe my baby is already4!!!! Where in the world did my time go?!?!?

On Brady's actual birthday he wanted to go eat at AppleBee's w/our friends Jeff & Jamie. The 1st pic is Brady being shy when they sang happy birthday to him. Whenever they left though he laughed so hard and smiled from ear to ear!! :) He definitely enjoyed the ice cream they brought him!