Thursday, November 14, 2013

Testimonies of Rape/Incest Conception

Below are links with many testimonies from women who conceived by rape & incest, testimonies from people who were conceived by rape & incest, testimonies from parents who were told to abort because of a disability...and much more. Please take the time to watch them & share them.

If you click on the first link, you can scroll down & see my full testimony. I look pretty rough! ;P It was filmed about 2 weeks before I had Chapel & the Mississppi heat was KILLER!!!

Many blessings to y'all!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dear Me,

You won't always be this exhausted & worn out. You've made it through 3 teething babies who didn't want to sleep & you will make it through this one! 

This is just a season!

There's not enough coffee or Spark in this world to give you the adequate energy to homeschool a 3rd grader, a kindergartener, & a toddler all the while breastfeeding a baby! Oh & the energy to keep your house clean on top of being a momma, & there's that whole wife thing, & you're still potty training the toddler because like his big brothers he thinks his poop is too good for the toilet! 

Your list of things to do is longer than the paper you have to write it on. You feel overwhelmed most of the time & question your capabilities as a wife & momma. 

It will get easier!

Having a new baby in the house is always hard. Remember? You've done this before & not only did you survive, you've thrived! Look at your amazing boys! They're proof that you're doing a good job. You know you're not Super Mom, but your 4 blessings & your husband think you're pretty super anyway.

Deep inside you feel like your head is barely above water, but you know God will not let you drown (Isaiah 43:2). He is holding you with His righteous right hand (Isaiah 41:13). The Lord delights in you (Zephaniah 3:17). 

Take a deep breath & give yourself some grace. It takes time to figure out how to work with new challenges & a baby no matter how cute, comes with a lot of challenges especially when you have so many other things vying for your attention & care! 

You're doing a better job than you think! 

Cast ALL these cares on God (1 Peter 5:7; Psalm 55:22). Your doing a great Kingdom work & when your children are grown they won't remember the dirty floor or the ever present laundry on the couch that needs to be put away. They will however remember the times you took to play with them, the things you taught them about Jesus, about loving others & being kind. They will rise up & call you blessed (Psalm 31:28)!

By the way, the Psalms 31 woman had help maids!!! (Psalm 31:15). So seriously, cut yourself some slack!

Now rise up & press forward! Be blessed in the Name of Jesus! 

Sincerely & much love,


PS- Come back & read this as often as you need to! Your tired momma brain forgets a lot. :) 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

God Said October

In November 2011 we were celebrating Keller turning 1, God had just called us out to share about my abortion, it was a whirlwind of a time! Yet with all that was going on Brad & I had a longing to have another child. We knew it was crazy to even think about knowing we just had a baby a year ago, finances were very tight, our house was already feeling too small, but the longing was there. 

So we prayed. 

The Lord told us to wait until the following October. Anytime we doubted we would ask God again & He always gave us October. When October finally came around I had been tracking my cycle on an app for months to make sure everything was normal. It wasn't necessary really because thankfully my cycle is normal, 28 days, ovulating days 14-16. We didn't use hormonal birth control, but rather counted my days & prayed. 

As October began we were in a big financial bind! Money had been more tight than normal & I had taken a part time job to help make ends meet. Because of this we decided to wait until November, not that we thought a month would change our finances that much, but we just needed more time. Basically, our faith was lacking, because God said October. This month my cycle also started early which it NEVER had before; I didn't even know what to make of it. I plugged it in my app to try & make sure I knew when I'd be ovulating so we wouldn't get pregnant. On top of that Brad got sick during the supposed fertile days so we were certain that NO baby was conceived! It was pretty impossible.

On October 31 I took the boys to a friend's house for a play date & she asked if I was pregnant. I told her the whole story, but she reminded me that God said October & He was never wrong. Though I knew she was right I had no doubts that I was not pregnant, because, after all, we hadn't done the thing that needs to be done to conceive because Brad had been sick. There was just NO WAY!!!

But when I got home I couldn't get her out of my head, so I took a pregnancy test I had left over from Keller to prove her wrong. And to my great surprise

I immediately started crying tears of joy thanking Jesus! I was amazed! Stunned! I made the boys get in the car & we drove up the road to the Dollar General to buy another test. All they had was an old school one that cost $1. You know the kind where you have to pee in a cup, use a dropper to get the pee in a tiny hole to even take the test...a science experiment no doubt! :) Sure enough it was positive! 

I facetimed Brad to tell him. I couldn't wait until he got home & I had to see his expression. Just like me he was shocked! 

No matter what our plans were, or our lack of faith, God kept His promise! He told us we would conceive in October & even through our doubt He created a beautiful baby! 

Whenever we had this sonogram I was 5 1/2 weeks & we could hear the heartbeat! My doctor was worried because the heart rate was low & I was spotting a little. I was in danger of miscarrying. I was not going to let doubt or anything else get in my way this time! I had faith that this child was going to be fine because GOD SAID OCTOBER!

I had to be on bed rest for 2 weeks until we went back to the doctor. The sonogram showed Chapel had grown & all was well! She had a strong heartbeat of 161, the bleeding had stopped, & my severe nausea & vomiting had begun! I had never been so excited to puke!

Stay tuned! I plan to write more later on about how I knew this baby was a girl because of another promise God had given me years ago!

Isn't He beyond amazing!??! I'm thankful that He is faithful even when we are not!

Be blessed friends!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

20 Momma Truths

1: I LOVE being a momma! I really do!

2: I'm not a perfect momma...I mess up a LOT!!!

3. Some days I feel like Super Mom. Not many days, but there have been some. Everything flows together, the kids get along, I take advantage of teachable moments, the laundry gets done, I cook dinner that we all eat together at the table;  you get what I'm saying. I've worn my cape proudly on those days because...

4: Somedays I feel like an utter FAILURE! These days I have to do serious battle not to let myself become overwhelmed with guilt, shame, condemnation, worthlessness...etc! That's right where Satan wants me! I've yelled at my kids when I've lost my temper, snapped when my patience was shot, & sadly I've even spanked in anger! Those moments do not define me as a momma! I can either let them become habits & wallow in my guilt or I can repent. I not only ask Jesus for forgiveness, but also my boys. Thankfully they're always eager to give their momma grace & lots of love! :) 

5. Failure also tries to kick in when I lose track of managing my home! Ugh! This is my greatest struggle. Between homeschooling my 2 oldest, having a toddler, & now a baby, my time is shot! Not to forget a husband who also makes messes. With the 6 of us dishes have to be done everyday, there's always laundry to be done, dusting, sweeping, mopping gets behind, clutter ensues & so forth. It's hard to keep up, but I do my best & when I get too far behind I ask my husband for extra help. After all, I'm not Super Mom ;P

6. I play with my kids as often as I can. Even though there are always a million things to do, those things will always be there to do at anytime, but my kiddos seem to grow up VERY fast! In my opinion it's more important to stop & play with them than it is to get the dishes done in a timely matter. Also, boys like to play fight. I HIGHLY recommend investing in styrofoam swords & Nerf guns! Talk about stress relievers! You get to play with your kids while beating them with swords or shooting them with soft bullets, which allows you to unleash all the frustration & impatience they stir up in you!!! It's pure GENIUS! They laugh at you attacking them, you get releases from the stress of mommy hood & in the end you all feel better & have a good time! You can thank me later for sharing this!

7. My kids watch TV & play video games more than I like to admit. What? Judge me all you want on this, but sometimes a momma's gotta do what a momma's gotta do! I do try & make sure they're educational shows & games as often as possible. There are just those moments when I need them still & quiet so I can do the dishes or laundry or have a cup of coffee in peace. Remember, bad moments don't make bad moms! Refer back to #2.

8. I make the most of the seasons. I want my kids to have tons of fun memories & traditions to look back on when they're older. In spring we go to the park & various playgrounds as often as possible & enjoy the weather.  In the summer we hit up the local pool as a family. I intentionally make time to stay in the water & play with them even though I'd rather be laying out reading a book. (I do make time for that, but as needed, not always.) Autumn takes us on lots of adventures from the state fair, to the pumpkin patch, leaf hunting etc. Winter is much harder after the Christmas traditions. I'm not a fan of the cold! We'll go hang out at Barnes & Noble, Bass Pro Shop, or anywhere indoors that's fun & free! We always pray for a day of snow & make it as extra special as possible! Since we live in the South the weather is typically on the warmer side which gives us year round fun walking & riding bikes together in the evenings.

9. I let my kids make messes often, even if it means more work or stress for me. This goes back to making memories. Whether its painting, play-doh, or some craft, I want them to enjoy creating & using their imaginations to make something new. I often let them play in the mud & like I mentioned in #6, hosing them off with cold water not only gives me a good laugh, but it's also a huge stress reliever! Not that I like causing my kids pain, but hey, if they enjoy it so should I...right?!?

10. I do my best to feed them lots of fruits & veggies! I want my kids to be healthy & strong & not have the food issues I do. We often talk about which foods are healthy & why & where they come from. This could be the nerd/teacher in me. I let my kids eat M&Ms & Skittles every week. It's true while I teach them about healthy foods, I make sure they understand that its ok to have a treat; everything in moderation. Once a week for snack they get a bowl of popcorn with Skittles & M&Ms mixed in. It's something simple & small, but they think it's a big deal & proclaim I'm the best momma in the world for giving it to them :) 
(I also let them eat frozen pizza, hotdogs, & Spaghetti O's...sssshhhhhh!!! [refer back to #2]).

11. I discipline them. The Lord shows love for us when He convicts us & leads us to change, I believe that disciplining my kids shows my love for them. I spank only when necessary. It has to be something severe & something they do to intentionally misbehave. I give them a dab of vinegar for tongue issues like lying, excessive whining, screaming, etc. I've only had to this twice to the big boys. They get the point now. I'll ask them if they need it & the memory of how gross it is gets them back in line. If I say I'll take something away I do it. I do NOT make idle threats!!! I do however offer grace & mercy. My boys are really awesome & well behaved for the most part & I believe it's partly because I've trained them through discipline & love. But let me tell ya, just like their momma, they're not perfect! 

12. I choose joy. Motherhood doesn't always come naturally. Sometimes I want to be selfish, but I realize that my kids are a HUGE blessing & I try my best not to take them for granted. I did that when I chose abortion 15 years ago & live that regret everyday. I've seen friends go through similar pain of losing a child to death by miscarriage, stillbirth, diseases, & accidents. For me, these are constant reminders that even when my kids drive me insane I must remember they ARE blessings & CHOOSE joy.

13. I call on Jesus everyday! I know before my feet hit the floor in the morning I must talk & spend time with Him. When I don't I know my day isn't starting off right. All through the day I talk to Jesus. I won't lie, most of the time it's for strength not to go all nutso on my children. I have little patience, therefore I MUST call on Jesus for help! Where I'm weak HE is strong!!! Having open communication with the God of the universe is the best weapon a momma can have! Interceding for your children protects them & covers them with strength & peace in hard times. When my head hits my pillow at night I pray some more thanking The Lord for allowing me to be their momma, asking for forgiveness where I messed up, & for guidance in the next day.

14. I pray with my kids as often as possible. They have a headache, we pray for healing. They're fighting with each other, we bless our spirits with love, peace, kindness, & self-control. Doing this has taught them to pray with each other. On many occasions I've caught them laying hands on one another praying for healing if they hurt themselves outside. Totally melts my heart & reminds me that even in my mess ups, I must be doing something right.

15. I don't compare myself to other mommas. I used to, especially when I first started staying home; Brady was 3 & Rylan was a baby. I'd see a momma do something great & think they had it all together & I was just a piece of crap. The truth is NO ONE has it all together & I am a piece of crap...apart from Christ! I realized as long as I'm dwelling in Jesus & doing the best I can that is all that matters. God has given each us incredible gifts, talents, & strengths. Do not give Satan a foothold & compare yours to other moms'! Celebrate & compliment them, offering blessings & praises! That really makes Satan mad! Let them inspire you! If you see a mom doing something fun with her kids try it with yours. Ask her for advice or help! We've got to stick together! Our kids outnumber us!! :) And I promise there's very likely a momma who admires YOU!

16. I won't bash my kids on social media! There's a difference in saying you're having a rough day with your kids, or seeking advice from those out in social media land & calling your kids names or posting something you know would hurt or embarrass them later. Blessings & curses, life & death are in the power of the tongue & I believe it translates to the typing tongue as well.

17. I have a close circle of mom friends I know I can go to with anything at anytime! Not all of them are like me. Some homeschool, some don't. Some work, some stay home or work part time.  Some share my convictions, some do not. Some are young, some are older. Some are new mommas, some are well seasoned with older children. Some have 2 kids, some have 6, others are all in between. All of these things are beneficial because they help me see things from a different perspective when needed & encourage me I'm doing what's right.

18. One thing I believe helps me be a good momma is alone time! Hello sanity!! Whether its time out with my friends or a long bubble bath, I HAVE to have time to myself! This helps me decompress & take care of myself which helps me be a better momma! I no longer feel guilty about taking the time to work out or shipping them off to the grandparents! I devote incredible amounts of time to my kids & when you're constantly pouring out you need to also be refilled. At this very moment I'm trying to freeze enough breast milk so the Mr. & I can get away for at least a night!

19. Tying in to number #18, I love their Daddy. Not love like the generic "love" as in the feeling, but love as in the verb! Now yes I am in love with my husband, but showing my kids that I love him is something different. They see us hug & kiss (not the gross PDA kind), they hear how we talk to each other, & ask about each other's days. There have been times in years past when they heard us argue or be rude to one another, but no more. This is due to both of making a conscious effort that when we disagree to not let it overwhelm us & to remedy that certain things just simply must not be talked about in front of them. 

20. I tell them I love them & I show them I love them. You can't say it & mean it with out doing it! Lots of hugs & kisses & tickles, but also like with my husband, I ask them about things. How was their day? What was the best or worst part? I ask their opinions on dinner, tv, or what we should do for fun. I tell them about things that happen in world, good & bad. Talking to my kids, keeping them informed on the world around them, asking their advice shows them I love them because it shows them I value their thoughts & opinions. 

I'm sure there are a ton of things I could've added but this is the list I came up with. I hope you enjoyed it & that it encouraged & inspired you. Have a blessed day sweet readers!

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Back 2 Schoolin

I cannot believe I've been homeschooling for 3 1/2 years! Time has surely flown by! Brady is now a big 3rd grader & my sweet Rylan is a kindergartener! 

This year we using My Father's World as our core (Brady is doing Adventures & Ry is doing K). Both boys are also using Horizon's math & Brady is doing their spelling & vocabulary program while Rylan is using Hooked On Phonics for reading. He was super proud of himself for reading his 1st story!

The night before our 1st day I decorated with balloons & streamers & made the boys' favorite muffins! They were elated the next morning when they woke up! It made our 1st day to a new year extra special!

I like to mix the boys' curriculum so they can do as many fun activities together as possible. Rylan's began with Creation & each day they decorated the number of the day that matched what God had created. Their work turned out extremely cute!
After Creation, each following week focuses on a letter with a certain theme. So far we've done S-sun, M-moon, L-leaf, & A-apple. Brady's curriculum also focused on space so I made sure to line it up with the weeks Ry did sun & moon. I made moon dough for sensory play & checked out a space kit from the resource center. They did not want the space unit to end so I extended it a week longer & just reviewed Rylan on all the letters of the alphabet, but focused on the sounds he's been practicing in Speech Therapy.

During our leaf week we didn't do too many activities because I like to save them for our Fall theme we do each October. The little boys did make fall trees using their arm & hands for the trunk & branches & then used Do-A-Dot markers for the leaves.

At the end of our apple theme we bought 6 kinds of apples: kiku, red delicious, golden delicious, honey crisp, Granny Smith & gala. The boys observed the color of the apple 1st, smelled it, then tasted it & then decided if the apple was hard or soft, & sweet, sour, or plain. Their favorites were the honey crisp & the kiku.

In Adventures we studied about Vikings & it was one of my favorite days! They colored Viking masks & once they had them on they were in full character!!! I was in tears from laughing at them! 

Lately we've been learning about early American pioneers & Native Americans. I'll post those pics the next time I update.

I often get asked what I do with Keller while the big boys do school. Most of the time he plays on his own or he sits at the table with them coloring or playing with learning toys. There are times where I'll work one on one with him on counting, colors, or shapes, but it's always done through play. There are days when I'll put on an educational show for him or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. :) A momma's gotta do what a momma' gotta do!

Here he is "helping" Rylan paste!

Everyday is different, no set schedule, but a pretty solid routine. With nursing Chapel, some days simply have to follow her lead...well, her nap times :). Here's a cute pic I captured of all 4 blessings at the table.

I really am thankful The Lord has called me to this! Even on the days my patience is thin, they're wild, & I've had little sleep, being with them is still a blessing I try not to take for granted. My purpose each day is to love them, serve them, teach them & enjoy them!

Have a blessed week friends!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Field Trip-Ag Museum

It's was such a beautiful morning & the perfect way to kick off the beginning of fall! The sun was out, the temperature was in the low 70s, & we were surrounded by our sweet homeschool friends! 
We kicked things off with a train ride to scope out the scene. The Agriculture Museum is like going back in time! All the old buildings & materials are so much fun to look at & make you even more happy you for modern conveniences!! If you're ever in MS I highly recommend checking it out, especially in October or November when they have the cotton gin & saw mill going! During that time they also have a blacksmith working & free, yummy biscuits with syrup! 

After walking around we stopped at the old General Store for a break complete with glass bottled cokes & roasted, salted pecans. They were incredibly delicious! The kiddos enjoyed playing checkers with the bottle caps on the porch...though I don't think they really knew what they were doing! 

The petting zoo ignited my boys desire for country living! Every animal we saw they asked if they could get one when we moved! Not sure how their daddy will feel about that! Ha! If you look at the cow in the pic in the top left you'll notice him nuzzling the horse. He was the only cow amongst about 4-5 horses & he kept kissing & licking them! He even tried to mount a pony! Thankfully the kids didn't notice so we didn't have to explain anything. Us moms, however, had a great laugh!

The kids were amazed that cars used to not have seat belts & that the back door opened the opposite way. One of our little  friends even asked where the DVD player was! :)

My boys' favorite part was the train room! There were a TON of motorized trains & models of small towns. They were mesmerized by it all! Brady begged for a room like that, but I had to explain that room was bigger than our house!! They were even more thrilled when they found a little Thomas train zooming back & forth!

Sweet Chapel just hung out in the carrier I was wearing & napped most of the time. She is such a good baby!!!

Below is a picture of my sweet Rylan & his BFF Thomas.

Somewhere I have a picture of myself in this same, giant rocking chair when I was about 12 or so.

We had such a fun time! I almost talked myself out of not going because I was super sleepy that morning & this was my first major outing with all four kiddos without my awesome Mr. Thankfully they were well behaved & our homeschool group is fabulous! We all look out for each others' kids like they all belong to us. 

Have a blessed day sweet readers!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fail To Plan...

You know the rest...plan to fail. Too too true!

Last weekend we had a homeschool cookout & a big church luncheon & I bypassed all the junk & not so good for me stuff & stuck to clean items as closely as possible! I was SO proud of myself. Because we were gone all weekend I didn't meal prep or plan. Monday wasn't bad, I had just enough food from the week before to eat clean, but Tuesday was a different story. 

I had the healthy food, but never got around to prepping it which is crucial for on the go, last minute plans. All that hit Tuesday.

Rylan had his 5 year old check up (which went great!) & then my dear husband was able to work me in to get my back treated. He does Myofascial Release which helps with pain management of all sorts of things from migraines, fibromyalgia, TMJ, scar tissue pain, etc etc etc. By the time he was done we decided to hang around until he was done so we could drive out to Good Hope (see last post). 

By then I was STARVING!!! I was way under my calories especially or breastfeeding & the ONLY thing to et was ice cream! Seriously! So I chose to eat a small portion & guzzled water. The week continued to be abnormal as did my eating. Thankfully when I weighed I still managed to lose 2 pounds!! Normally I would feel guilty about messing up & I would then binge, but not this time. No guilt. I realize where I went wrong & now I'm more prepared to hit the ground running & finish what I started! 

I'm super happy that Chapel turns 12 weeks on Tuesday & can FINALLY go to the childcare at our gym!! Hopefully breastfeeding won't interrupt my favorite classes! Please continue praying for me in this! My goal to be fit & healthy is one I'm determined to achieve! Have a super blessed week!! I'll be checking in again soon! I'm LOVING having blogger on my iPhone!! :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Good Hope

 I'm so amazed at how much The Lord has changed me over my life! When I was in high school & college my dream was to live in New York City or some other big city & work for a magazine or in publicity. As I gave my life The Lord & began to grow in Him, He slowly began to change those desires. I was content to marry Brad & raise our family in a suburb of Jackson, MS. I had no idea at the time how our thoughts toward our family would change.

We went from wanting 3, maybe 4 kids to now being completely open to many more. We won't even put a number on it! Totally letting God guide us in this, whether biological or adopted, our hearts are open for more. 

My thoughts where we would live have also changed greatly! For the last two years I've had a longing to live where we have a lil more space. I do not desire the subdivision lifestyle any longer! It basically started wanting a bigger backyard for our boys to run in, to needing space to grow some vegetables, to needing a lil more space to have a small chicken coop, to finally realizing I just want to live in the country!! 

This never seemed like a real option because of where my husband's job was located. He had no desire to drive an hour to & from work. Well wouldn't you know his company moved to a different town! At first I wasn't happy because it made his drive longer from where we live now. Little did I know how things were beginning to change.

About a month ago we spent the weekend with my daddy out in the country & had such a great time! The big boys had fallen in love with fishing! My daddy's house is pretty much a mini-vacation for us! Between the pond, the horses, a swimming pool, & the gorgeous view of the country, we never want to leave! My daddy is also 71, but you wouldn't know it by how he acts! That weekend I realized how badly I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible & how much more I wanted my kids to spend time with him.

Then this past Sunday we spent the day at my in laws who also live out in the country. We had the best time! We always have a good time, but something was just different. I enjoyed watching our kids play with their cousins, my sister in law loving on Chapel & me getting a lil break :)! We sat outside under a big tree talking about this, that, & the other. Brad took all the kids out in the pasture on the four-wheeler, they all rode bikes, & played all sorts of things together letting their imaginations guide them. My heart longed more for country life. A simple life.

I woke up the next day praying, seeking God & He revealed to me that our family land in a community called Good Hope wasn't that far from Brad's job. So I did what any woman in 2013 would do, I mapped it in my iPhone! Sure enough it wasn't far at all! When I brought this up to Brad he was hesitant. If we moved "way" out there where would we go to church? 

This is very logical because all the churches around are still very traditional Baptist churches & we no longer worship that way, nor do we want our kids not to understand some of the things regarding the Holy Spirit that these churches don't really teach. After praying & asking a few friends to pray The Lord showed us He could use us in this area to change the mindset of this tradition. He also revealed to us another family who believes like we do who also has a desire to do something in this area. Things were lining up.

Yesterday when Brad got off work we drove from his new location to Good Hope to see exactly how far it was. Not too far after all!! We walked around on the land imagining where we could build a house & explored the beautiful acreage with the boys. They had a blast!

 We saw a fox & a rabbit & heard deer back in the trees. Brad's eyes lit up with the thought they could deer hunt in our own back yard if we lived out there. As we prepared to leave Brad's uncle & family stopped to talk to us. They saw us as they passed by to the house they're building just down the road! I was shocked at how close it was! 

Moving to Good Hope will not only give us the country life I desire, but it also puts us closer to where my daddy & Brad's family lives! It's far enough away to be peaceful, yet not too far from a Walmart or the mall! It's perfect in my mind!

So now we begin the process of what it will take to make this our reality & not just a dream. I ask that you please pray with us on this. Above all else, we want to do what The Lord wants us to do!

We have Good Hope in Him!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

10 Day Cleanse Results

When it comes to my journey to get fit & healthier I HAVE to constantly quote this verse! I struggle with patience especially when it comes to the number I see on the scale. 

I just finished a 10 day cleanse as part of my Advocare 24 Day Challenge & though I didn't lose ANY weight, I did lose 8 inches over all, especially in my post baby pooch! 

For my goal of 30 miles in September I've ran 5.5 miles & walked 10.5 miles (not including the miles I've logged on the elliptical).  I've eaten clean & haven't given into temptation, no sugar, no processed foods. 

You can see exactly what I've been eating on My Fitness Pal (MommaAsh). If you have any questions you an ask below in comments or email me at ashleysigrest @ hotmail dot com.

Here's to the next 2 weeks! #challenge4BFmoms 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Meal Preppin Newbie

Sitting down to eat during the day is a rare treat for me most days with 4 kiddos. Homeschooling 3rd grade & Kindergarten, potty training a toddler & breast feeding a 2 month old, plus regular house stuff & errands doesn't leave much time for me during the day. Last week I actually ate my oatmeal out of the pot at the stove while I cleaned the kitchen!

Thank goodness I'm learning to meal prep! 

My sweet husband grilled up some chicken for me Saturday while I washed & prepped any fruits & veggies I'd be eating this week & boiled 18 eggs! Yep 18! What can I say I love them! Plus my 8 year old likes to sneak them!

In the crockpot I added baby carrots, zucchini, squash, & topped them with chicken, onions, & red & green bell peppers. I plan to eat this with a serving of brown rice or quinoa.

I cooked some spaghetti sauce with ground chicken breast (got it on sale!!) to eat with spaghetti squash. I've NEVER tried it before so here's to hoping I like it!

Since I stay home I don't have to pack my food to take with me, but after this week I'll see if I need to pack individual servings to help me get to the table to eat :)

Blessed eating my friends!!