Friday, September 6, 2013

Clean Eating Is Messing With My Head

As I mentioned in my last post I've tried MANY diets! With each of those diets you're told to eat less. So I'd make a grocery run to get "healthy" foods, you know, low calorie, sugar free, low fat processed stuff similar to the indulgent stuff I liked, but "healthy."

If you could see my face you would've seen me roll my eyes while I typed that last sentence!!!

As I would eat those items along with fresh produce & lean meats, I was still trying my best to stay at my calorie goal or under. I often would get so frustrated because I was near my calorie budget & I would still be HUNGRY!!! I would get so frustrated & let down & eventually fell off the diet bandwagon! I like to eat! Forget that; I LOVE to eat!!! (Obviously)

So now that I've started the 24 Day Challenge I'm required to eat clean. Nothing processed, no sugar, no dairy. The only processed things I eat/drink are protein shakes & Advocare's meal replacement shake, Spark, & Rehydrate. Everything else is lean meat or eggs, lots of veggies, lots of fruits, super carbs like steel cut oats, natural organic oatmeal etc. Now that I'm logging my calories my mind is boggled! I'm eating TONS & TONS of food & yet I'm ALWAYS under my calorie goal. ALWAYS! Some days even though I'm full I'll drink an extra protein shake with almond milk just get MORE calories!

Pure craziness I tell ya!! CRAY to the CRAY!!! I've NEVER tried to eat MORE calories!!!

The last few days I was a little panicked because I'm breast feeding & was worried my supply would drop, but it's been perfectly fine! Praise Jesus!!! To add more calories I started adding flax seeds to my oatmeal/steel cut oats & on top of my salads. Flax seeds are super good for you too so that's just an added bonus!

Today is day 6 of the challenge & so far my cravings have been minimal! I think because I'm constantly eating & feeding my body good things! I haven't had coffee since its not recommended, & if you don't know me, we'll let me tell ya, that right there proves Spark is the bomb dot com!!! I'm a self proclaimed coffee addict! Everyone has been posting their pics of their 1st Pumpkin Spiced Latte of the year & I have been jealous! I don't crave coffee, but I definitely miss drinking it! I haven't had any headaches & have had  enough energy to keep up with my four beautiful kiddos & work out! Yes! I said AND work out! Since starting the challenge I've worked out 5 of the 6 days & have ran 3 of the #30milesinSept & will add another this evening!

I feel great physically, but mentally my body & food issues are still waging a war! I keep expecting to see this tremendous weight loss on the scale, but I have to remind myself it's only been less than a week! My goal is at the end, not in the beginning! Which brings me to one of my life verses: Ecclesiates 7:8 FINISHING is better than starting; patience is better than pride!

To help me fight the mental & spiritual side I've been reading a devotional from the YouVersion bible app called Made To Crave by Lysa Terkeurst. The Lord has definitely spoken to me through it! When I struggle running I begin quoting Scriptures aloud & sometimes while I'm gasping for air just huffing & puffing out "JESUS!" Without Him none of this would matter!

After I complete the Cleanse phase of the Challenge I may post my results so far. That will all depend on what The Lord says when I get there :)

If you have My Fitness Pal feel free to add me! MommaAsh

I pray you all have a blessed weekend!

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