Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fail To Plan...

You know the rest...plan to fail. Too too true!

Last weekend we had a homeschool cookout & a big church luncheon & I bypassed all the junk & not so good for me stuff & stuck to clean items as closely as possible! I was SO proud of myself. Because we were gone all weekend I didn't meal prep or plan. Monday wasn't bad, I had just enough food from the week before to eat clean, but Tuesday was a different story. 

I had the healthy food, but never got around to prepping it which is crucial for on the go, last minute plans. All that hit Tuesday.

Rylan had his 5 year old check up (which went great!) & then my dear husband was able to work me in to get my back treated. He does Myofascial Release which helps with pain management of all sorts of things from migraines, fibromyalgia, TMJ, scar tissue pain, etc etc etc. By the time he was done we decided to hang around until he was done so we could drive out to Good Hope (see last post). 

By then I was STARVING!!! I was way under my calories especially or breastfeeding & the ONLY thing to et was ice cream! Seriously! So I chose to eat a small portion & guzzled water. The week continued to be abnormal as did my eating. Thankfully when I weighed I still managed to lose 2 pounds!! Normally I would feel guilty about messing up & I would then binge, but not this time. No guilt. I realize where I went wrong & now I'm more prepared to hit the ground running & finish what I started! 

I'm super happy that Chapel turns 12 weeks on Tuesday & can FINALLY go to the childcare at our gym!! Hopefully breastfeeding won't interrupt my favorite classes! Please continue praying for me in this! My goal to be fit & healthy is one I'm determined to achieve! Have a super blessed week!! I'll be checking in again soon! I'm LOVING having blogger on my iPhone!! :)

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