Monday, January 31, 2011

A Gift from God & some Kari Jobe!

As a new mommy again I find myself being very busy with the same stuff, never getting it all done. My days are full of breastfeeding & caring for an infant, potting training & wrangling a toddler, & homeschooling an almost 6 year old who is very smart & always has a million questions or things he wants to tell me. Then there's my house with one problem after another, still waiting to be fixed, the never ending laundry & dishes on top of other house duties, caring for a dog I could live without but my kids can't. Trying to be a parent & a friend to my 20 year old niece who lives with us & I assure trying to find a balance in letting her make her own decisions, good or bad, & trying to guide her isn't an easy task! Then there's being a wife to a busy husband trying to further his career & being a mentor/leader to teen moms, & most importantly my relationship with Jesus! Oh wait, I forgot about the ongoing battle of food I have & trying to lose weight.

I'm sure I've left some things out :)

Now please know I am NO WAY COMPLAINING!!! I LOVE my life! I have 3 amazing boys, a wonderful niece who is a GODSEND! A husband whom I love &that works hard for his family, a ministry I'm proud to be a part of, & a roof over our heads that WILL be fixed...eventually. All are great blessings, but sometimes Momma just needs a BREAK!!!!

Well here's God's special lil gift for niece, Britany, offered to watch ALL 3 boys Friday so I could go shopping with my friend Karen. That's 2 gifts right there! The weather...well it was a BEAUTIFUL spring day in JANUARY!!! That should count as 3 gifts right there :) Our day was going great! I was out of the house, with a good friend, shopping & actually finding some things for myself, good conversation; couldn't have planned a better outing for myself!

So we decided to eat outside at Corner Bakery because the day was just getting more beautiful by the minute! As we sit down we notice a group of about 10 people eating next to us. They dressed pretty eclectic/rockish & I told Karen the girl in the headband looked REEEEEAAAALLLLLYYY familiar! For the life of me I couldn't figure out who she was or how I knew her. Karen checked her phone then looked at me with widen eyes & asked if I thought the girl was Kari Jobe. To our utter surprise & great delight IT WAS!!!!

Kari had really Tweeted that she was in Jackson & that's how we knew without a doubt that one of our FAVE worship leaders was eating right next to us. We were like giddy lil girls :) Kari was incredibly sweet, took pics with us & autographed my CD that just so happened to be listening to in my car! God-thing...ABSOLUTELY!

As if my day wasn't already wonderful, a nice gift from God to give this momma a break, He goes & puts a GIANT bow on top of the gift in the form of KARI JOBE!!!! How amazing is He!? I was also happy when my friend Marie showed up too! She sings a lot of Kari Jobe & I was thankful she was able to meet her as well.

I so wish I wouldn't have been such a "fan" & actually told Kari how much her songs mean to me! But I have a great sense that I'm going to get to meet her again one day & then I will actually tell her. Sunday night I was able to see her perform at a local church & it was an incredible night of worship! She has such a pure heart for the Lord; it's incredibly refreshing!

So now it's Monday & back to the usual chaotic busyness of Mommyhood, but with a great big smile on my face, feeling renewed & refreshed! All thanks to God, my Father, my loving Bridegroom who knows just what I need when I need it & throws in something special unexpectedly just for me....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Letters N & L

I know I'm late on this post but last was CRAZY! I had my 1st sinus migraine and I pray it was my last! :/

On the home school front we reviewed the letters N & L.

For the letter in our focus was Numbers. We went on a number hunt at Walmart and Brady wrote down all the Numbers he saw in his little Notebook. We worked on skip counting by 10s and 5s and worked on some early addition skills too. Our N food was Nachos (my favorite) and we talked about different ways we can be Nice to others and Not be Naughty.

The Letter L represented Letters. Brady is almost finished with his Kindergarten reading book! So we've used the last couple of weeks to review. Our verse was Luke 10:27 "Jesus answered, 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” Which also tied into our "Nice" lesson. His L food was a Lollipop, but thought it was "SO COOL" to eat ABC's & 123's because it had Letters and Numbers in it. :) The Little things that kids Like LoL...and speaking of LoL...we also talked about things that make us favorite was my kiddos, Brady's was Tom & Jerry.

For our craft I cut many Numbers and Letters out of newspaper and Brady had to sort them and glue the Numbers to the Letter N and the Letters on the L.

Pictures were taken on my phone so the quality isnt too great. This week we're taking off to the great state of Texas to visit my mom & sister! have a blessed week!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A FUN Dr. Visit

I love being a mom! Scratch that! I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a MOMMY! :)

Today K-Dawg had his 1st set of vaccinations and against my better judgement I took ALL 3 boys with me ALONE!!! Not sure what my thinking was, though I'm pretty sure I wasn't thinking due to the lack of sleep and the constant caring of 3 small children. But I have to admit I'm glad I did! We had a good time surprisingly.

I was COMPLETELY terrified of the bigs touching things sick kids had touched and bringing home strep or the flu. So I said to ask my prayer warriors to say a special prayer for that! We actually made it early and the bigs stayed in the infant room with me and didn't complain that I didn't let them out to see the fish or play with the germy kids on the other side of the waiting area. They played very well together in our little, secluded area.

Keller weighed in at 12.7 lbs and measured 24 inches long and is in the 75th percentile :) He smiled and cooed at his dr and the dr said Keller was perfect in every way....but I already knew that :)

While we waited for the nurse to come in we read 3 books and sang songs. the bigs, especially Rylan, started to get antsy which led us to the video below. I love my kiddos! All their lil sillies too!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Letters Y & Q

Well we are the home stretch of Kindergarten and of course I have VERY mixed emotions! Happy to see how much Brady is learning, but a little bit sad because he's growing up so fast! Even though he's known all of his letters and their sounds for a long time I have decided to review him on them and use this as a way to get Rylan involved and to have some learning fun with Brady. We are doing this on top of our regular reading and math lessons and using the weekly letters to learn new words, play games, do science, and some social studies type projects. So check back every week to see what we've come up with :)

The boys glued Yarn to a Yellow Y. Rylan's is on the left & Brady's on the right. Brady & I also discussed words that start with Y & we talked about the one's he didn't know & looked for pictures of them in his 1st Dictionary. I purposely made lunch or dinner with something that began with a Y, but it took him a bit to guess Yellow corn :) Momma doesn't do Yams! And of course he had Yogurt at lunch one day. Brady was also extremely happy that Yoshi from Super Mario starts with a Y too and reminds me of this whenever he plays :)

Rylan coloring a letter Y from his book. you can also see textured Y we trace with our fingers & a ball of Yarn we used for our art & to play a game of toss with.

Brady using Cuisinare Rods to make Ys. This book also helps with colors & counting & many other fun activities.

Brady tossing Quarters onto the letter Q.

After practicing his printing we put the Quarters under the paper so he could rub the imprint of the Quarter.

The boys also painted Qs with Q-tips & happy for me, they didn't even make a mess!!

Their final products with our list of Q words.

After school was over today we went out to lunch and ate some Quesadillas! MMMMM MMMM MMMMM!!!!