Saturday, September 13, 2014

Home's Cool

Well wehave kicked off a brand new year of homeschooling here at the Sigrest house! 

Brady is in 4th grade & it blows my mind how quickly our homeschooling years are flying by!

Rylan is starting 1st grade & has impressed me at hard he is willing to work on things. I honestly thought he would give me trouble & I envisioned us drudging through work, but not even a lil bit! 

This year I'm trying to be more intentional with preschool activities for Keller once we get into a good routine with his big brothers. Hopefully it will pan out well, but I know the greatest thing for him is free play & exploring so I'm certainly not going to push him into anything he isn't ready for.

And I'm just hoping & praying Chapel doesn't destroy the house while we work! I always have things set for her to play with, but like any lil one you just can't predict what they'll do!

For our core curriculum we are using My Father's World Exploring Countries & Cultures. This will cover Bible, geography, & science. Rylan is also doing MFW 1st grade so once he gets into the Bible reader we will do that as a family as well. It's important to me to do as much together as we can. Both big boys are doing Life With Fred math together & they each get a separate review sheet of other math skills they learned last year. LOF is so different than any math out there & we are loving it!

For Brady I've added Switched On Schoolhouse Language that he'll do on the computer. He can do this with very little instruction from me & I can check his progress as needed. I can't even tell you how thankful I am for this! Helps this busy momma BIG time!

I like to follow a Charlotte Mason approach to learning. I want my children to love to learn, to enjoy every aspect, to be curious & inquisitive. I want them reading good, rich, living books & exploring the world around them. I want them to be life long, natural learners. I certainly don't want them thinking learning is only when you're sitting at a table or desk & memorizing things for a test. My hope is that we can cultivate a life of natural learning & seeing the gifts that God has given us in all things.

Our focus as a family is to be mission minded. We want our lives to reflect The Lord & to share His love & His Word with others. This year we will be studying about various Christians who helped change the world for Christ like Harriet Tubman, George Mueller, the Wesley brothers, & many others. Their lives were centered on God & helping others. We are also connecting with many missionaries from our church who live in foreign countries & learning about what they're doing there & how we can pray & help them.

Be sure to come back & check in to see all the new things we are learning!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Interview on Teleios

Last week, the awesome Matt Friedeman had the kids & I over for lunch & during that time he also interviewed me for his Teleios podcast. It's about 40 minutes long, but you can listen while you clean ;P 

Hope you are blessed by it!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mommy Had An Abortion

I knew this day would come & I've dreaded it. How do you look at your children & tell them you killed their big brother? 

Once The Lord began pressing on my heart to have our kids involved with our prolife ministry, I knew it was a matter of time before I had to confess my deepest, darkest secret to them. It was hard telling family & friends because deep inside you still fear their judgement & disappointment. I know Christ has forgiven me, healed me, & made me new, & I don't worry any longer about what others think of my past, but I have feared looking into my children's eyes & seeing the hurt & confusion of why their mommy killed her baby.

For the last few years we've taken them to the abortion clinic to pray & told them what abortion was. Very simply we stated that it's when a mommy chooses to have her baby taken from her tummy before it's time & the baby dies. This has always hurt their sweet, sensitive hearts, but it's driven them to pray for an end to abortion even at such tender age. Any time they've had questions we've answered them in the simplest, most appropriate way for their maturity. 

God has told me I need to stand outside our local abortion clinic with sign that says, "I regret my abortion." I haven't been able to do that with them around because Brady can read. So yesterday I sat them down & confessed to them. I told them something very bad happened to mommy & I got pregnant & at 18, I was scared, confused, & even though I knew it was wrong, I had an abortion.

Brady told me he was surprised, but he wasn't mad at me. Rylan was excited to learn that he was named after his big brother Joshua. They asked a few questions, "Where would Joshua sleep if be were alive?" "Would you homeschool him or would he go to high school?" It made me giggle & brought me comfort, but I told them we can't focus on the "what ifs" because they can end up making us depressed or angry & doesn't change the past.

Instead we will focus on Christ. He's redeemed mommy & He's called us to speak the truth about abortion & to help others come to know the saving grace of Jesus.

Then Rylan looked right at me & exclaimed, "We will see Joshua in Heaven!" To which Brady responded, "Yes! Because he's safe with God!" I asked them if they forgave me & Brady so gently answered, "I'll always forgive you for anything." And my heart beamed as my tears flowed.

It wasn't nearly as hard as I imagined it would be. I'm glad I told them now rather than waiting til they were teenagers. They know they can always ask me questions & we don't have to keep Joshua a secret. He is real. He exists. He is loved!

Sunday is the 16 year anniversary of my abortion & it's sad & weird to think I would be getting ready to take him to get his driver's license! I will always miss & grieve him. Joshua is as much a part of my life as his 4 siblings are. I don't have to let depression & self hate eat me up, I can cry out to Jesus when missing Joshua hurts too bad & I can hold my head up high & talk about my son & give his life honor. I can do this only because of Jesus & the redeeming Blood He shed for my sins.

If you are struggling from a past abortion, please contact me! I would love to help you! 

Ashleysigrest at hotmail dot com


Monday, August 4, 2014

Share Sips & Socks Giveaway!

If you've joined the Sips & Socks swap on IG you can also enter the giveaway!

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Prize includes the 14x11 painting pictured, a $10 Target gift card, cute socks, & other goodies!!

Now go share & invite your friends to join the swap!



Saturday, August 2, 2014

1st annual Sips & Socks

Are any of you on Instagram? 

This year I'm starting a fun swap to ring in the upcoming Fall season!! 

You will be given info on a fellow IG lady to send her a special mug/cup & a cute pair of socks & will get something from another IG gal! 

I participated in an IG swap last year & it was a blast!! 

☕️To join, email me the following information: 
1⃣IG name & real 1st & last name
2⃣mailing address
3⃣whether you're a coffee or tea lover or both & some of your favorite flavors & things you like with your coffee or tea. You never know what else your secret pal might send you! 
4⃣Tell me some info about you so your secret pal will have ideas of how to shop for you! Favorite colors/styles, hobbies, interests, etc...

��I'll close this down by Wednesday August 6 so I can gather all the info & get you your secret pal by Friday, August 15 giving you a whole month to shop before you have to mail your package on September 15. This gives us plenty of time to get our goodies before the 1st Day of Autumn on September 23.

You do NOT have to spend a lot of money on this! You can often find cute socks & mugs at the Dollar Tree. ��

��Be sure to take pics & tag #sipsandsocks so can all join in the fun together!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Weight Loss Goal #1

Today I hopped on the scale & saw a number I haven't seen in a while! I now weigh the same as when I got pregnant with Keller!!!

About another 10 lbs & I'll be at my pre-pregnancy Chapel weight, another 10 to pre-Rylan, & then another 10 for pre-Brady!!!

You might be wondering why I need to lose Chapel's weight after Keller's when he is older than her...

After Rylan was born I was able to be a stay at home mom & not having a schedule to tell me when I could eat like I had as a school teacher, I began eating sporadically & not healthy. My idea of health was pre-packaged "diet" foods. Of course they didn't fill me up so I would binge a lot at night. During this time I felt very stressed to be the mom who had it all together like the other stay at home moms I knew & I ate my stress along with my feelings of inadequacy.

By the time I got pregnant with Keller I was 20 lbs heavier than when I got pregnant with Rylan & 40 lbs heavier than I was when I got married. With the various things life has brought me like homeschooling, ministry, etc etc, fitness & health were on the back burner, yet always on my mind. Thoughts of not being able to succeed made me feel guilty & kept me in the cycle of bingeing. 

10 weeks after I had Keller I began Couch 2 5K & ran my 1st race. I lost some weight running, but then we had to move out of house for 6 weeks while it was repaired of foundation issues. We ended up living in a small bedroom at a friend's house & eating out a lot. Shortly after this, a best friend completely shut me out of her life & it broke my heart. Like always, food was there to comfort me.

Years later when God revealed I'd be pregnant in October 2012 I tried to start getting healthy & lose weight, but it's seriously a hard battle for me! Food addiction is triggered by almost anything. That year I was able to lose around 15 lbs before I got pregnant with Chapel. 

Now that's my next goal...

 I have an amazing support system with this battle in my husband & my friend Emily! I track my food & exercise on my phone, & my Fitbit helps push me to be more active. Over the last couple years I've learned what healthy food is & it doesn't come in the freezer section at the grocery store in the form of a prepackaged meal!! Slowly yet surely it's coming together.

Hopefully in the next month or 2 I'll be at my pre-Chapel weight! 

Blessings friends!! Be healthy & give me some encouragement!! ;P

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Schoolin

We have thoroughly enjoyed the summer so far, but we have continued to do some light schooling as well. Rylan is finishing up My Father's World K, without the extra crafts & stuff, & continually works on his math & phonics skills. Brady continues to read whatever books he chooses for fun, reviews multiplication & division skills, & does a reading & language sheet each day. Both boys also play educational games on the iPad & neither have complained about doing any of it. YAY momma! :)

I work with Keller as I can...he just wants to play & that's totally fine by me...after all he's 3! Besides his lack of interest I've been busy with other "life" things, but I am slowly integrating more "school" for him in hopes to do more when we start back full time next month.

Little by little all of our new stuff is trailing in & I feel like a kid at Christmas!! :) I've changed my mind a couple times on what I want us to do, but it's all panning out...I think :)

I hope your summer has been going great too! Blessings!