Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tball Brady & Messy Rylan!

Brady's 1st T-ball practice. Will get pics from games soon! :) They are SOOOOO funny to watch! I laugh so hard I cry!

Yep I'm a MEEESSSSSSSSYYYYYY eater! But I am so daggone cute!

Smilin so big as always!!! :)

Rylan LOVES to look out the window on the door even if you can't see clearly out of it.

Look closely at his diaper cocked to one side LOL not sure how he did that :)

Back view!!! One lil butt-cheek hangin out

He LOVES him some mashed potatoes!

Brad put his plastic file box on the floor & Rylan found it and DESTROYED it!!! He looks like he knows he did something wrong!

Peek -a - boo I see you!