Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Preschool Activities | Education.com

Preschool Activities | Education.com

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As may have noticed or read...I will be home schooling my kiddos :) This was something I had NEVER planned to do, but around August/September I really felt the Lord leading me in this direction. I have always taught Brady :) reading, coloring, shapes, colors etc...like any parent who wants to teach their young child, but probably a bit more :) Brady is like a sponge and LOVES to learn and have anyone's attention and to show what he can do!

I really don't see it as this burden or hard thing to do...we have so much fun! Yesterday we practiced writing & tracing, identifying things as big, bigger, biggest, small smaller, smallest, long & short (you get the picture:) ) We also practiced a few sight words. Brady has been able to spell about 15 or so words for quite so time now...sometimes he forgets but quickly remembers with a lil help. HE taught himself the letter sounds from our LeapFrog magnet thing!

I just try new things and see where he takes it and what likes or doesnt...but we ALWAYS have fun! I love that he's a lil nerd like me! HAHAHA!!!! It certainly doesn't feel like work, it's more like play!

Today I bought these lil $1 plants from Target to plant with Brady. We have strawberries, tomatoes, a tree, & sunflowers. After we plant them in the lil container they came in, we will eventually have to put them int he ground...which SCARES me cause I have NEVER planted anything! So this will be a learning experience for us both! I'll post pics as soon as this project is finished or midway :)

Have a blessd day! OH......if you homeschool or teach...please feel free to point me to web sites you love and activites you think Brady and I will like! Thanks!

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D said...

starfall.com is the best!