Thursday, April 16, 2009

EASTER Pics!!!

Keep on lots of GREAT & SUPER cute pics! :)

Hunting eggs @ Brandon Park

"Oh wow!!! An egg Mama!!!" Look how happy he was!!!

Rylan wasn't too sure about going down the slide.

But boy did he LOVE trying to go up it!!!!!

Brady with his best bud Caleb!

Who needs to hunt eggs??? Rylan had fun just watching all the kids running around!

Cheesin w/all his eggs he found!

C-dawg & Brady hacking into their candy!

Rylan had a blast playing w/the plastic eggs!

Brady w/some of his classmates @ their "Jesus is Alive!" Party

Rylan cracked me up in this swing!!!

beep beep!

Brady w/ some boys from his class waiting on the pizza!

Munchin on a Cheeto!

Easter Day! Aren't ya glad we serve a RISEN SAVIOR!!! Hallelujah Jesus is ALIVE!

I made baskets for the family. I try to use practical things I know they'll like and enjoy :)

Yes I boys are SOOOOOO cute!

This is one handsome kiddo!

Rylan wanted to eat Gran's Easter basket pinata


mommy2alj said...

Ashley, I couldn't help but follow your blog - it caught my attention with it's beautiful layout and then as I read - you can sense your sweet christian spirit. And what beautiful children! You just seem like a sister in Christ that I would love to know. You remind me of myself with a whole handful of little ones... mine are growing up 6,7 and 12. Those years when they were little were so crazy... but joyous. Just a delight to meet you! What a precious family!

Tate Family said...

awwww, such cutie pies!