Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brady's 4th BDAY

Brady didn't get to have a train at his party because of bad weather. Luckily we were able to have his party @ Deep South Cheer in Pearl. Gotta love last minute changes LOL

He was SO excited to bring "puc-cakes" to his class!

Brady w/ his birthday crown he got at school!

We are still waiting for the pics some friends took for us @ the party. Brady had a blast! He got a lot of Thomas he needed anymore LO
L!!! I cannot believe my baby is already4!!!! Where in the world did my time go?!?!?

On Brady's actual birthday he wanted to go eat at AppleBee's w/our friends Jeff & Jamie. The 1st pic is Brady being shy when they sang happy birthday to him. Whenever they left though he laughed so hard and smiled from ear to ear!! :) He definitely enjoyed the ice cream they brought him!

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Tate Family said...

Good gracious's hard to believe that he is FOUR already.