Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun @ the state fair!!!

Here are some pictures from our fabulous time at the state fair a couple weeks ago. As you will see we had an AMAZINGLY fun time! My wonderful husband took off work 1/2 a day & precious niece came home from college to go with us. I love doing fun things together as a family & making memories! Hope you enjoy!

 The bumble bee ride is always the 1st ride we hit every year for the last 3 years :)
 We felt like Superman flying around! Below is my husband & nephew Dylan.

 Here's my darling niece Britany with the boys.

 There's a SUPER HUGE slide that's always a big hit with my boys! I think they did it at least 5x!

 The log ride was our favorite! They actually let Rylan ride the 1st time down.

 Good daddy riding many of the rides with the boys!
 Keller didn't get to ride anything, well except the Ferris Wheel (later on), but he had fun people watching & hanging out.
 Brady was SO scared he started crying but I got him to laughing & he wanted to ride it again!
 As you see below we hit up the log ride again, this time with daddy. Love our faces!

 Bumper cars are always a hit! ;P

 Brady rode this dropping ride in TX this summer & cried the whole time! But this time he laughed the whole time! He's getting VERY brave!

 I married a sweet daddy!
 All of my boys on the ferris wheel

 And per tradition, we always end the night with the petting zoo!

We had such a great time! What things do you like to do with your family?