Thursday, October 7, 2010

No time to worry!

Sometimes I let myself get overwhelmed and worry which isn't very uncommon for any human, but many many times I feel SO silly afterward! Truth of the matter is God says to cast our cares on Him and He WILL take care of us! So why waste precious time and energy worrying instead of praying and giving it over to the Lord?

Our house issueS: Praying they'll pay to fix them, if I cant come straight home from the hospital after Keller is born because they're working on it-NO BIG DEAL! I have a place to go & BONUS; my house will be fixed :) So what's the big deal if baby K doesn't have well painted, glammed up decorated nursery like all my friends' babies? Like one friend told me, he wont even know! Besides he'll be sleeping in the room with us for the first few months anyway. Grand evaluation-NO WORRIES!

Diaper expenses: NONE! No use in stressing having two in diapers, it wont change anything. Instead I'm praying for that too! Rylan has pee peed in the potty some and 2 of my sweet friends decided to throw me a casual baby shower so I can get some diapers & other things I need for baby K. And if I don't get any diapers and some how some way we cant afford any, another friend gave me a HUGE box of cloth diapers to try if I'd like...though I'll admit I'd rather be lazy & have the disposable ones & don't think I'll have to resort to the cloth ones, but my point is my kiddos bottoms will be covered!!! Grand evaluation-NO WORRIES!

Rylan in MMO: DROP OUT :D!! Yes that's right I let my 2 year old drop out of preschool LOL I cant help but laugh at that! I ACTUALLY love having him here!(No real surprise to me!) Even the days when he doesn't want to corporate while I home school Brady, Id still rather have him here than somewhere else he really doesn't want to be. It seems like Brady was just a baby not so long ago & now he's 5 1/2, reading, & becoming such a sweet young boy who loves Jesus, trains, cars, & has an INCREDIBLE memory & imagination! Rylan's already 2 1/2 & now #3 will be here soon! Time goes by too fast to stress about having my child in preschool. Brady loved it, Ry not so much, plus we are now saving $80 a month :) Most days Ry wants to color or draw while I'm working with Brady, he LOVES to read with us & even grabs books on his own to "read." Being the crazy momma I am, I am willing let him paint, draw, & do all the fun messy art & science stuff with us. We sit and play with blocks, Lego's, & puzzles together. He loves to sing along to Brady's Bible verse CD. So I feel incredibly silly for even worrying about taking him out of preschool. It just wasn't for him & he is getting so much from being home with us and getting to participate with the 2 & 3 year olds at our home school co-op. Grand evaluation-NO WORRIES!

I am sure something else will come up that I'll worry about before I really just stop & breathe & lift it up to God, and I'm very sure this will happen more often than not. But it is my hope instead of letting the worries get ahead of me that I get ahead of them & give it all to Jesus to help me through :)

Isn't it AMAZING to have a Savior who cares about all the silly things that make us worry! And it's even more amazing that He completely takes care of us in spite of our silliness.


mom-e-mae said...

I've had two in diapers twice now. Once when Mary was born ad Elias was 18 months and then of course with the twins. I actually had Mary and the BG's in diapers for about 4 months because after they were born, M reverted back and I didn't have the energy or desire to re-train her. It's not so bad, it's just a matter of 10 or 15 more dollars a week, you know, forgo steak in favor of hamburgers and it all evens out.
As for the house, Mary didn't have a freshly painted nursery to bring our Savior home to, And we, as a prosperous nation, feel deprived when we don't have luxury, So It's good you're not worried, because the baby will have warm arms to hold it and a roof over it's head so ya'll are all good :)
Congrats on Rylan's drop-out, I LOVE having my babies around, because sometimes, the baby IS the lesson, ( here's a link to a neat article: ) and everything they "teach" or experience at MMO or preschool is easily conveyed through a busy family life with siblings and friends.

Brandi said...

Girl, I had two in diapers when I had Chloe and we were making the lowest we have ever made. God is faithful and is our provider. Somehow, the diapers (and then diapers & pullups) were always paid for as well as everything else that we NEEDED....not WANTED. Unfortunately, we as women tend to worry and especially compare ourselves to what others have, what others are doing, etc. That does not come from God, the enemy knows how to get us down. Don't let him!! Regina, I love what you said about Mary not having a nursery to bring Jesus home in. I have never thought of it that way before.