Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good News vs Bad news-Prayers PLZ!!

Good News: After MANY years of frustration with foundation issues we FINALLY have an agent from the Home Owners Warranty coming tomorrow to begin the process of FINALLY getting our foundation fixed!!! PTL!!!

Bad News: Was told we may have to move out for a week while the house is being repaired & Im already 6 1/2 weeks from delivery & I cant even paint the nursery until it's fixed :/

Prayer request: Pray that it all goes smoothly & that the house is fixed BEFORE baby K comes whether the nursery is painted or not! I dont need anymore stress during this pregnancy!

Good News: Gestational diabetes seems to be gone, protein in urine is gone, & blood pressure has been good!

Bad News: starting to swell, experiencing some tingling/numbness in fingers, had some contractions here and there & not Braxton Hicks, the REAL ones! I've had 3 sweet friends in the recent months who had their babies early which meant they had to stay in NICU for a few weeks & another friend who is currently on bed rest & after seeing what these mommas went through with their babies, I REALLY do not want to have Keller early!

Prayer Request: Pray the last of this pregnancy goes just as it needs to without any complications for me and especially my baby!

Thanks!!! I covet ALL prayers!!!

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Ashley said...

I have been praying and hope everything went well today. Can't wait to hear!