Monday, September 13, 2010

2 months left & NO diapers!

So it really hit me today that in 2 short months I will be a momma of 3 beautiful boys! THREE!!! I didnt freak out at first til I went into the nursery and started assessing the situation: it needs to be painted, I need to bring the baby clothes down from the attic to wash, which led to me realizing he doesnt have very many clothes since his brothers were both born in the opposite season so I really do need to do some shopping, which led to the other things we need to buy before he gets here, OMG!!! DIAPERS!!!

Diapers! Diapers! Diapers! Why havent I been buying diapers??? Oh yes I have been, but for Rylan! He started out doing good with potty training, but things got hectic and I stopped pushing it and now he doesnt't seem very interested at all. So am I doomed to have 2 in diapers!?!???

So from there fell a snowball of things we need that I didnt fully realize we needed and a list of all the things that need to be done which of course led me to the list of things I already have to do and other things that I need to buy....snowball rolling fast and getting BIGGER!!!!

DEEP BREATH!!! Ok, everything will be ok! I know this! I've never freaked out before, not even when I was pregnant with Brady and put on early bed rest and had NOTHING done, not a shower I could attend, or a nursery put together. But my sister-in-law and friends from our old church in Clifton, MS came to my rescue.

They gave me a shower in my house since I couldnt leave and even decorated the nursery for me. Stressing about it never entered my mind because I could only focus on trying to keep Brady in my womb for as long as possible. But now I'm feeling some pressure and a tad bit overwhelmed.

Three boys, two in diapers, won't be cheap! We still have a few things and clothes we need to purchase for Keller, and we are waiting for our Home Warranty folks to send the funds and get the ball rolling so we can FINALLY get our foundation fixed etc etc.

So I'm going to take a BIG DEEP BREATH again :) and trust without a doubt God is going to provide everything we need! I dont cling to Proverbs 3:5 & 6 for nothing! I know it's true & I know I can trust Him!

Freak out over....for now :P

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Lady Multi-Tasker said...

I felt exactly that before the boy came! TWO in diapers! And nothing done. No clothes for a boy, everything in this house was pink! He has to share a room with a girl so how can I make him his own "boy" space? I had all these plans in my head and NOTHING ever got done! Then he was here. Praise the Lord for friends with boys... hand me downs! We survive on them around here. Now I'm telling myself that since he's still rooming with me that I have a little more time to make him his own space (hopefully I will find the time to get it done sooner rather than later). Yet now that he's here all those little details don't seem so important! We're managing and he's too little to realize he's surrounded by girls and girl things!

Keller won't even notice if the nursery isn't painted so give yourself a break! And remember that I'm juggling 2 in diapers right along with you, as I know LOTS of other mommies are too! =)