Thursday, May 21, 2009

King SIngers Program

Brady started crying when he noticed ALL the people staring @ him :( Though he didn't cry @ his school program??? I think it had been a long day of swimming and playing and he was tired. Makayla ran over to him held his hand tried to get him to smile while Gabriel kept telling him to be brave :) I am so happy Brady already has good Christian friends watching out for him!!

Gabriel had NO problem singing!!! Which I knew he wouldn't...he sings all the time. If anyone reading this doesn't know Gabriel he is my best friend's lil boy who is staying with us for a lil while his parents are in Ukraine adopting the cute lil fellow you see to the right on my blog :)

Gabriel did ALL the motions and had a good ol' time! The only problem were the girls that were standing in front of Gabriel and Brady...they kept covering them up so it was hard to get pics...I think it should be illegal for a lil girl to wear a bow that big LOL just kidding!

Brady started to warm up after a lil while...but instead of singing...

...he started playing peek a boo with me...yes OUT LOUD! :) He'd look at me in the audience and say, "Peek a boo" over and over LOL I loved it!!!
This is Makayla & Brady...she LOVES him to death!!! She is definitely an Alpha-Female and makes sure NO ONE messes with her Brady LOL

Makayla, gabriel & Brady were known as the "3 Musketeers" by their King Singers teachers :)

After the program we came home and the boys decided to play outside and take turns pushing Rylan

It was an AWESOME and HILARIOUS evening!!!

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Ashley said...

Thank you so much for this! JC and I are sitting here smiling and laughing while looking at the pictures. And of course, I am shedding a few tears looking at my big boy. I am so glad he did well and now we know how much he loves Kingsingers. It fits him perfectly as he loves to sing and entertain people with his singing. Thanks for posting the pics and describing the night. We appreciate it more than you know. :)