Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Busy May! Pics included :)

Sorry it has been a while since I have written but it has but one CRAZY, BUSY, HECTIC month!!! I help with a ministry at church that keeps up with all the pregnant ladies in our church and 4 of mine gave birth within 2 weeks! Plus I also teach Sunday School, had all the things for Brady's end of year stuff at preschool, plus his T-ball, my niece is graduating and she made it to State for pole vaulting& we gave her a graduation party, Rylan has had a double ear infection for about 2 months but FINALLY got tubes...and now my friend's boys are staying with us while she is in Ukraine....and this is all on top of my daily duties as wife and mommy!!! Now please dont think I am complaining...I love my life...I just need to take a breath! haha! I havent been this busy in a while but at least all of this busyness is due to happy things and not bad things! :) I choose to see the silver lining! The only dark cloud is my eating :( I had been doing awesome but with all this going on I dropped the ball and gained 4 lbs back :( I was VERY self-loathing and beating myself up, but decided to start being more self-loveing and give myself a break. Below are some pictures from most of the events of May...and to think the month is only half begun LOL :)

These are from Britany's Baccalaurette Service @ Church. Look how pretty she is!

These are of Brady's End of Year Party & School Program...yes I know...he is a doll! :)

The 1st pic is w/Mrs. Donna, Brady's teacher, the 2nd is w/Mrs. Jayna, the director, who Brady greated every morning pretending to be asleep in the car as she tried to get him out & then "scared" her :)

Brad & Brady on the T-ball field

More pics to come tomorrow!

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