Sunday, March 9, 2014

A tiny foothold goes a long way...

Last week I gave satan a foothold by comparing my weight loss journey to others. I thought surely I would be losing just like them & started weighing myself every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I know without any doubt the number on the scale doesn't define me & I know comparison is a joy stealer, but I gave satan this foothold without even realizing it. I was up ALL last night in a panic having a down right anxiety attack feeling like this stupid issue would never be resolved. 

I mean I know The Lord is my Healer. Jesus has saved me, led me through many journeys, healed me, restored me, & made me new concerning some very deep & hard issues & it's so frustrating to still battle with this one!! 

But I know He not only cares for me, but He loves me more than I can comprehend! He doesn't want me to be defeated & to let satan bully me around & sidetrack me. God made me a fighter! And I know if I wasn't a threat to Satan & his kingdom he certainly wouldn't be bothering me! I've been through this time & time again, but Im human...I sometimes forget to watch where Im letting satan in.

The Holy Spirit really spoke some clear words to me this morning as I was bawling my eyes out in defeat. And after He did I rose up & remembered Whose I was & there was NOTHING I couldn't do with Jesus on my side!! 

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