Thursday, February 9, 2012

Being Indifferent Isn't Being Pro-life

Since I've completely opened up about my abortion in October I have felt drained about abortion all together. This is such a hard battle to fight & it's not easy once you get the epiphany that too many people really don't care. The more I dig in to educate myself about the world of abortion, Planned Parenthood, sidewalk counseling, CPCs, personhood, & all things pro-life related, the more I've found that there are FAR too many people doing nothing about it. Many are Christians. This makes my heart literally hurt!
I would guess about 99% of Christians would deem themselves pro-life, but very few even do anything to help the cause. So in my opinion that's not being pro-life, it's just being indifferent.

Scripture easily teaches us that we are human, people even in the womb, we were created in the image of Almighty God, & for whatever reasons the majority of Christians aren't even voting pro-life. Not only with the Personhood Amendments, but by voting for men & women who in turn pass pro-abortion/anti-life bills & laws.

I've also heard the excuse, "Well I'm pro-life, but it's not my place to tell a woman what she should do." That has to be one the most absurd comments I've heard! If you saw a woman about to run over her child would you not do whatever it took to stop her, to save the child??? Then the line I hear when I ask people to go pray at the abortion clinic, "I'll pray about it." And yet I NEVER hear back from them! Once again I ask, if you saw a woman about to run over her child would you have to stop & pray & ask God if you should try to stop her??? I think not. So why aren't there droves of Christians praying at the clinics?

Because we are lazy & we just don't care. We have let society & culture train us up to be as self centered as possible & think that donating money to this cause or that cause somehow makes us good stewards. In actuality we should be training ourselves up in Christ to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, & strength that we will DO whatever it takes to defend His Word. The second greatest commandment given by Christ was to love others, but how are we showing that? Love isn't a word you can just say & it makes everything OK, it's something you live out. Christ lived out His love by dying for OUR sins & yet we come up with EVERY excuse known to man to not DO anything for Him that might makes us a little uncomfortable!

Harsh? Yes. Blunt? You betcha. Truth? ABSOLUTELY!!!

I'm angry! We (the Church) have let the world poison our minds so much that we have somehow misinterpreted what Scripture teaches us! Jesus said in Matthew25, that WHATEVER we do to the least of these, we do to Him, & whatever we DON'T do for the least of these, we did not do for Him. I'm pretty certain a defenseless unborn child is about as "least of these" as you can get. So why is such little being done to help them?

We can't blame the government! We elect them! We must seek the Lord with ALL of our hearts, fall on our knees & humble ourselves before God & cry out for mercy for our nation! We've got to support our local pregnancy centers whether it's financial, volunteering, or donating a pack of diapers to them once a month. We've got to get our churches to takes groups at the very least once a month to pray at an abortion clinic! You don't have to talk to anyone going in unless the Lord prompts you to. Sometimes just the presence of others praying says enough. Prayer + Faith = POWER!!!

Our churches & pastors need to understand the importance of preaching pro-life messages, having post-abortive Bible studies for women & men, loving on teen moms, single moms, divorced, widowed, or just unwed. We've got to get past judging & simply start loving.

The Church cannot be indifferent when it comes to being pro-life, we HAVE to actually BE pro-life! I'm not angry or upset about this because I've had an abortion, it's because I realized that I was indifferent for far too long, I bought into the lies along with many other Christians. We are to be like Christ, loving others, defending His Word, helping, sharing, spreading the Good News. Past generations of Christians remained silent for so long that it got us in the predicament we find ourselves in today.

Slowly & surely we are losing our rights & freedoms. Church we must rise up, take our place on the battle lines & FIGHT!

Will you fight? If you don't what will you say to Christ the day you see Him face to face? What's more scary is what He might say to you about being so indifferent!

I would like to apologize for the rant, the soap-box, my 2 cents, but I can't. I'm not sorry I wrote an angry blog. Jesus got angry in His time for the evil that was going on, the indifferent self-righteous Sadducees & Pharisees & He made no apologies for it. We are to be angry & sin not. We are to speak truth in love & my love for others, for the child I aborted, the world I'm trying to change for my children & future generations, my love for Christ & the Bible is why I'm angry.

Nope, I'm not indifferent anymore!

Blessings to you all & may we all take our stands.

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Anonymous said...

Amen sister! I am with you on this. This is where I am coming from. The Catholics are with you on this due to the current mandate and I think the Protestants are waking up. Keep up the good fight.