Monday, March 9, 2009


So much is going on with me I dont even know where to start and the crazy thing I cant really tell everything that's going on! Just PRAY for me Tuesday, March 10!!! I hope there comes a time when I can fully open up on this blog about what God is doing with me and for me, but I cant at the moment.

I will however say that I have been facing some demons from my past and I havent had a lot of sleep because of it. The last few nights have been better, for God keeps placing some wonderful women in my path to encourage me and comfort me.

Please pray for me tomorrow as it is a HUGE step of faith I am taking in Christ!!!! Also...on a smaller note...please pray that it WONT rain Saturday for Brady's Bday party!

Thanks and MUCH LOVE,



D said...

SO PROUD of you my dear friend! much love!

D said...

SO PROUD of you my dear friend! much love!

Jennifer Wigginton said...

Don't know what's going on, but count me in for support and prayer!

Ashley said...

I have also been having some dreams from my past lately and can't sleep. Praying for ya!!

Ashley LS said...

Thanks ladies! The day went well as could I guess...I hate having to be vague! :)