Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Learning Fun & Organization Help!!

Ok...first off....LEARNING FUN!

Today I let Brady skip preschool because the weather was so yucky and I didnt want to get Rylan out in it. I bought this preschool book from Walmart yesterday and wanted to do it with Brady. He did so good! We worked on tracing, shapes, patterns, and classifying things as big or small. So throughout the day I have heard him point out things that were like circles, squares...etc. He's known his shapes for ever, but today I explained that a tire, a ball, and other round things are like circles and how other "real" things are like the other shapes too. It was COOL to hear him pointing out things and what shapes they look like! I also heard him making comparisons to what things were big and which were small! I absolutely LOVE this! It just clarifies in an even bigger way that I am going to home school! :)

Ok now to the ORGANIZATION HELP!!!!! :(

I have a hard time keeping paper organized....example...mail that cant be thrown away, instruction books to electric things, the list goes on and on and on and get the point!

So I was wondering what advice yall may have to keep my paper organized what items yall may have purchased to keep it all together and basically ANY organization tips yall can offer me!

Thanks and MUCH LOVE!


Tate Family said...

I don't have any tips, but I have heard of a couple good sites: and

Jennifer Wigginton said...

I don't know about organizing, but that's so cool that you're going to homeschool!

Ashley said...

First of all, love the blog layout! It is so beautiful!! :)

Glad you had a great day with Brady doing some preschool work. He absorbs so much and does very well.

I also am having trouble organizing so can't help there, but I do want to check out that site from your other friend. I know of flylady, but haven't heard of the other one. Thanks for the tip, Tate Family!

Woodman said...

Ashley...organize is my middle name!! I LOVE it!! And the old fashion FILING technique is the way to keep up with paper work! If you dont have (or can't find) a filing cabinet you can get plastic bins that are made to store hanging files and then you can put then bin away until you need something out of it..or need to put something in it. Make a file for everything...with file folders that label the items for users manuals, car insurance, tax papers (I start a new folder each year to keep all the papers I'll need for the coming tax year. As the year goes by I store it in its proper place and when tax time comes its all in one place). For those silly bills that wont quit coming in, I have a cutesy little hanging file bin thing that is on the wall right by my back door that I stuff "to be paid" items in that I dont feel like dealing with right away. Hope this helps...if you need anything other suggestions/help....let me know!!!

Ashley LS said...

Thanks ladies! Now let's pray I get my husband on board!!! :) HA HA