Friday, February 20, 2009

Our 1st sleep over!

So Brady has a BEST friend named Gabriel whom he loves very much! Gabriel was able to come and play yesterday and was refusing to go I told his mommy, Ashley, that he could stay the night with us and of course big brother Samuel wanted to stay too. :) They had a lot of fun! This was the 1st time Brady had a sleepover and he thought it was so cool to sleep on the air mattress with his friend :)

They played forever in the playroom and Brady could not understand why Gabriel didnt want to play with his trains anymore :) For those you who dont know...Brady is OBSESSED with trains...not exaggerating!! So when Gabriel decided he wanted to play with something else, Brady was very upset, but quickly got over it when they decided to take a bubble bath. After their bath they sang a lot of songs...mostly Happy Birthday to each other and to Rylan. I'm not sure if Rylan liked it a lot or not, because he kept screaming (in a funny way) when Gabriel sang to him. I think he might have been trying to sing too. HA HA! Brady and Gabriel also like to pretend that Rylan is a monster or a dinosaur that is trying to get them when he crawls's pretty funny :)

Then we made some yummy chocolate chip cookies and Britany and I played Yahtzee with Samuel...dude totally had beginner's luck!!Rylan also enjoyed playing with Samuel and his hat :) Then we all settled down and watched Blues Clues til bedtime. Of course right before bed Gabriel wanted his mommy, but luckily his big brother was there to help him through it. Then this morning Rylan woke up about 3 am so I got up to attend to him, laid him back down about 330 and went off to sleep again. Then about 4 I heard Gabriel whining that he wanted his mommy :( It was so sad. So I got up and went to comfort him and let him sleep with me and Brad. Then about 430 Rylan was crying again (gas) so I got back up and since I was SO tired I thought, "well let's just put him in bed with us too so I can sleep." Yeah, that didnt happen.

So I get to my room and Gabriel had moved over and was so sprawled out I couldnt get into bed and I was too afraid to move him in case he woke up crying. So Rylan and I slept on the air mattress with Brady...needless to say I didnt sleep very well. But I must say we had a lot of fun! I absolutely adore Samuel and Gabriel and we all enjoy when they get a chance to come visit us!

We all got up this morning happy as could be, ate some pancakes and now the kiddos are playing again! I love that Brady has a best bud who I know will grow up to be a good Christian friend to have around! After all...his mom and dad are mine and Brad's best friends too :)

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Ashley said...

I am so sorry you didn't get a lot of sleep. I was afraid that would happen as this was Gabriel's first sleepover. I was very nervous about it - not knowing how he would do. I thought about the boys a lot and hoping they were doing okay. I thank you so much for doing this. I have gotten so much adoption paperwork completed today. I really wanted to tackle the house, but had too many errands to run since I had no

Thanks a bunch! This was so awesome!

Oh and guess what????? I think we have a location for our fundraiser! I started crying when I got the email. My friends that live out at Twin Lakes (who adopted Karina) said they have lots of facilities there at the camp.

Also, Alex is wanting to share the fundraiser for their family so it will most likely be a HUGE fundraiser. I was thinking we could have tables set up for their family and ours and people could donate at whatever table? Not do you think we should go about it?