Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My thoughts on Akin

Many people know I have been raped & conceived  a child because of it & had that child aborted. Representative Todd Akin recently tried to speak out about his thoughts on abortion & when talking about abortion & rape he used the term "legitimate rape." Everyone is in an uproar over it. Yes his comment was dumb, he has been mislead, all rape is legitimate, that's what separates it from consenting sex. He tried to use a study that says women in rape can keep themselves from getting pregnant, but let's face it, no woman wants to get pregnant from rape.

So what are my thoughts?

He was wrong. He apologized. Let's all learn a big lesson & move on. Forgiveness.

With it being an election year there is so much more we should focus on, like having the most pro-abortion president voted out of office. Let's keep focus on November!

Here are some links to some of my testimonies & why rape should never be an excuse for abortion!!

Much love & many blessings,



Kelli Becton said...

Thanks for sharing! love that you speak out in love on such a tough topic. I follow you on instagram and thought I'd say hello and start following your blog ;) I'm Kelli-

TessBenson said...

Found you on Instagram when you sai you were 7 weeks preggo with number 4 I'm 8 weeks preggo with #4. I'm loving reading your blog.