Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Keller Feller is 17 months

Oh how I love this boy! His hair is getting blonder by the day & his eyelashes seem miles long! Keller is long & lean & a good combination of silly & sweet! His Sunday School teachers always tell us what a joy it is to keep him & I must say that is always good to hear! Though I'm glad he hasn't shown them his tantrums because I assure you when he's mad, all that cuteness goes away quickly! Luckily they don't come around that often!

 Keller thinks he is as big as his 2 big brothers & that often leads to lots of bo-bos. As you can see in the picture, scrapes & bruises are quite common. The left side is his poor knee. We were walking at the park on the track & he fell 3 times! Each time he'd say, "Oh! Ow!" & then he'd get back & kept moving on without a cry. The only time he did cry was when I tried to pick him up because he wanted down to explore. The right side is Keller's poor lil head :( Our walkway in front of our house has pebbles embedded into it & he was trying to crawl off the step & lost his balance & ended up with a big gash & a huge goose-egg. I cried more than he did though. He's a tough little cookie! If he does cry all he needs is his Momma to pick him up & all is well again after some good hugs & kisses.

Keller loves to watch Super Why & Little Einsteins more than any other cartoons. He even does the dance at the end of Super Why & follows along on Little Einsteins patting & clapping. Whenever he hears a song on the radio he likes he tries to sing along. He likes to strum on his toy guitar & bang anything with his drum sticks. I really hope music is a life long love & talent of his!

He really loves to sing & dance, especially to the "Lord's Army."

Both big brothers are playing ball so Keller of course thinks he can do whatever they can do too. He likes to splash around in the water whether it's outside in the sprinkler, a mud puddle, or the bath tub. Keller plays peek-a-boo & covers his eyes & when we ask "Where's Keller?" he moves his hands & says "Is!!" for "There he is!" You add that with his goofy smile & this momma's heart melts instantly!

Keller jabbers a lot & some of his favorite words are: Momma, Daddy, cheese, bye-bye, uh-oh, night-night etc. It's completely adorable when he likes something & starts saying, "Oh WOW!" repeatedly! And when I say repeatedly I mean he sometimes says it 100x. And as you can see below he has the CUTEST kissy face!!! Keller is a lil Romeo, always wanting to hug & kiss & be all cuddley.

Of course one of my favorite things about Keller is that he is a major momma's boy! Maybe more so than his brothers were. Every time he wakes up he wants his cup & some ample snuggle time with me. And in his cup he only wants milk. Absolutely no juice! He does like water a lot & sweet tea, but he only gets tea if we are out & he'll drink it through a straw. And every now & then he begs for my coffee & I of course give in. As far as eating goes he loves Cheerios, Cheezits, eggs, ham, yogurt, bananas, & apple sauce. I recently gave him a fudgsicle & he devoured it! Thankfully he's a good sleeper. He doesn't cry much when I lay him down & most of the time not at all. I really wish I could rock him more, but he's so wiggly & always wants to be on the go it's hard to keep him still.

Keller loves to play with cars & makes an "engine" sound as he pushes them around. The kid also enjoys coloring, reading, digging in the dirt, & playing with our dog Fred. I think Keller would live out doors if I let him. He typically will throw a good tantrum when I make him come inside.

I'm amazed at how quickly he is growing up! It goes by fastest with each child. I thank God EVERYDAY He has allowed me to stay home with my boys! And as I type this I hear Keller screaming so I guess I better go I see what's going on!

Blessings to you all!!

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