Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A FUN Dr. Visit

I love being a mom! Scratch that! I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a MOMMY! :)

Today K-Dawg had his 1st set of vaccinations and against my better judgement I took ALL 3 boys with me ALONE!!! Not sure what my thinking was, though I'm pretty sure I wasn't thinking due to the lack of sleep and the constant caring of 3 small children. But I have to admit I'm glad I did! We had a good time surprisingly.

I was COMPLETELY terrified of the bigs touching things sick kids had touched and bringing home strep or the flu. So I said to ask my prayer warriors to say a special prayer for that! We actually made it early and the bigs stayed in the infant room with me and didn't complain that I didn't let them out to see the fish or play with the germy kids on the other side of the waiting area. They played very well together in our little, secluded area.

Keller weighed in at 12.7 lbs and measured 24 inches long and is in the 75th percentile :) He smiled and cooed at his dr and the dr said Keller was perfect in every way....but I already knew that :)

While we waited for the nurse to come in we read 3 books and sang songs. the bigs, especially Rylan, started to get antsy which led us to the video below. I love my kiddos! All their lil sillies too!

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