Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The truth ain't easy!

Last night I had to be brutally honest about something God laid on my heart. I to call out certain actions of another person, but not in a gossipy way, but in truth because God asked me to. I ignored His request for about two months, but realized last week He would hold me accountable if I didnt do what He ask me to do.

Well telling the truth AIN'T easy!!! I felt attacked for my honesty, even though I offered mercy and gave example how I had been on the other side before. I know first hand how important it is to be held accountable by other Christians, to repent and turn away in order to fully turn to Jesus. Their grace and forgiveness meant a lot to me! SO eventhough we sometimes have to speak up and speak truth, it doesnt have to be a "mean" thing...we should do so in love for the person or group and first for the Lord.

I knew I was going to feel attacked because the others have turned a blind eye for so long and dont feel comfortable speaking up especially in situations like this. I guess this is why God asked me to do it. He knows good and well I dont have problem speaking up LOL...I guess I should accept this as a gift from Him!

So though I did do what God asked me, it still hurt to feel condemned by the others for being honest even if what I said was Biblical. Then my dear sweet friend who didnt even know how I was feeling sent me a verse that stated EXACTLY how I felt!

Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? – Galatians 4:16

So all in all, I know I did what was right by God and Im ok with that. His Word clearly states we will be persecuted for doing right because He was persecuted as well. Just please pray for this situation! I know Im very vague on it, but I just have to be :)

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